Decoding NutriGen: Exploring Clinical Cases and Nutrigenetic Insights with Dr. Baris Tutkun

Who talks?


Gustavo Torres, Ph.D., Lead Geneticist at Fagron Genomics

As a Lead Geneticist at Fagron Genomics, Gustavo Torres, Ph.D. has a Pharmacy degree, during which he developed research in human adult stem cells and study models. During his graduate work he focused on TALENs and CRISPR as genome editing methods as well as lentivirus applications for creating genetically modified animals for medical research and protein production. Furthermore, he led the molecular biology team in the Brazilian Xenotransplantation project, developing innovative techniques for producing transplantable organs from swine.


Laura Vila Vecilla, Ph.D., Project Manager at Fagron Genomics

As a Project Manager at Fagron Genomics, Laura Vila Vecilla, Ph.D., brings over 5 years of experience in R&D, supplemented by an extra 2 years in diagnostics. She leads and manages in vitro medical device projects within a multidisciplinary team. With a Ph.D. in Genetics, Laura has made significant contributions in two areas: nanotoxicology and peripheral nerve repair. Her diverse expertise encompasses a deep understanding of gene expression regulation for cell differentiation and dedifferentiation.


Dr. Baris Tutkun, Cardiovascular and Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. Baris Tutkun, a distinguished Cardiovascular and Cosmetic Surgeon, is renowned as the Founder of Tutkun Medical Aesthetics. With over 15 years of dedicated practice, Dr. Tutkun has firmly established himself as a leader in the field. Specializing in a wide range of treatments in aesthetic medicine and surgery, his extensive experience, up-to-date knowledge, and utilization of the latest technology enable him to provide comprehensive and competent care. Dr. Tutkun's approach, characterized by attention to detail and attentive listening, ensures that patients receive complete and effective treatment.

About the event

Welcome to this webinar highlighting the groundbreaking potential of personalized medicine with NutriGen. This session will delve into real clinical cases and provide expert insights designed to transform your approach to patient care. The webinar features Dr. Baris Tutkun, a distinguished leader in Cardiovascular and Cosmetic Surgery, along with Laura Vila Vecilla, Ph.D., and Gustavo Torres, Ph.D., from Fagron Genomics. Together, they will explore the efficacy and benefits of NutriGen, our innovative solution that integrates genetic analysis and patient history to tailor nutritional recommendations. During this session, you will gain invaluable insights into the role of personalized nutrition, and discover practical strategies for implementing NutriGen in your practice. If you have any questions or require further assistance after viewing this webinar, please feel free to reach out to us at Now, let's explore how NutriGen is transforming patient care with personalized nutrition. Enjoy the session!