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Sport Test

A genetic approach to maximise the athletic potential.

Information only for healthcare professionals

About Fagron Sport Test

Sport Test provides valuable genetic insights to tailor personalized training plans for athletes, enhancing their performance and reducing the risk of injury.

What does Sport Test analyse?


25 genetic variants to inform

about predispositions and risks, integrating physical and behavioral information.

Patient athletic skills

  • Power (anaerobic exercise)
  • Endurance (aerobic exercise)
  • Power versus endurance (patient's best condition)
  • Aerobic power (VO2 max) (cardiovascular endurance)
  • Response to exercise

Patient physical characteristics

  • Inflammation (repair of muscle damage after exercise)
  • Oxidative stress (muscle fatigue)
  • Muscle condition (characteristic that can predict athletic performance)
  • Hypertension (blood pressure, water and salt balance in the body)
  • Soft tissue injuries (tendinopathy and/or muscle injury)
  • Post-exercise recovery (lactate elimination time from muscles)
  • Cellulitis (genetic study only in female patients)
>athletic skills
sport and nutrition

Elevate Athletic Performance with Personalized Nutrition

Sport Test + NutriGen

  • Personalized Nutritional Plans
  • List of foods to avoid and enhance
  • Supplementation proposal (vitamins and minerals in oral doses)

Sport Test offers

Detailed patient genetic report


Genetic Insights for Athletic Performance

Provides information on:

  • Athletic abilities.
  • Individual response to exercise.

Genetic Insights into Physical Performance

Provides information on:

  • Key factors influencing sports performance.
  • From inflammation and oxidative stress to muscle properties and recovery mechanisms.

Summary of genetic analysis

Compilation of all genes analyzed (SNPs)

  • Clear descriptions are provided to help healthcare professionals understand the importance of each gene studied.

Sport Test DNA collection sample kit

Buccal DNA collection kit with instructions, from how to do the test to how to get the results online.

Personalized report
through secure online platform

Fagron Sport Test uses an advanced algorithm that assesses sport genetic predisposition to guide and improve the athletic performance.
Results can be downloaded directly from Fagron Genomics' secure online platform via a private account. Our interactive digital health platform prioritizes privacy and security, ensuring that patient data is always protected. Practitioners can access individual reports from a secure personal area, providing a reliable and safe environment for managing genetic information.

Customer Journey

Order Kit

1. Order kit

By email at or directly on our platform.

DNA Collection

2. DNA Collection

Through a simple and convenient Buccal Swab and register the Patient onto our Digital platform.

Send sample

3. Send sample

To the Fagron Genomics Laboratory.


4. Results

Available in 2 weeks after receipt of the sample in the laboratory.

Sport Test demo report