About us

Fagron Genomics is an in vitro medical device global manufacturer specializing in the development and servicing of medical genetic algorithms.

Fagron Genomics

is committed to providing the highest quality clinical genetic interpretation and delivering accurate, actionable results to help healthcare professionals make better, more informed decisions.

One patient. One treatment.
Based on its DNA
We are the first global DNA laboratory focused on delivering customized genetic tests for dermatology, nutrition and anti-aging specialities.
Why Fagron Genomics?

Complete customer experience

360° solution based on DNA analysis to assist healthcare professionals in their journey, from providing the DNA sample kit collection package to personalizing advice on patient treatment.

With a worldwide network of services, logistics centres and professional clinical genetic counselling and training, we are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of doctors and patients.


A team specialized in genetic variant curation reviews each variant to ensure that its impact on the algorithms is based on the highest scientific evidence.

Relevant patient anamnesis is considered through a questionary created by health professionals.

The most authoritative resources on food composition, active pharmaceutical ingredients, dietary supplements, herbal medicines, and adjuvant therapies are used to define our algorithm outputs.


Two core technologies

Custom-designed microfluidic cards based on TaqMan® technology, with high sensitivity, transform genetic data into accurate clinically relevant information, providing clear and actionable results to support healthcare professionals in practice.

Next-generation sequencing (NGS) using the Ion GeneStudio S5 system, which is based on semiconductors that enable easy targeted sequencing workflows, offering scalability and flexibility.

Privacy and Security

Interactive, Private and Secure Health Platform for practitioners, where patient data is safe and where individual reports can be accessed from a secure personal area.


Become a distributor

In our company, we know how important partnership is, and that’s why in our strategy we like to work with people or companies that can help to expand our unique services around the world.

We seek to take our tests to new markets through people whose activity is complementary to our products and with the same level of quality as ours.

Thanks to our experience in the sector and our team of professionals, we can help you achieve your sales goals.

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