TrichoTestTM Real results and clinical practice with Hannah Gaboardi and Gustavo Torres, Ph.D.

Who talks?


Hannah Gaboardi, Trichologist

With more than 15 years of experience specializing in the science of human hair and scalp, our speaker is the Founder of the Hair Growth Clinic London. Known for her meticulous approach and hybrid knowledge of both hair biology and the best ways to style hair, she offers cutting-edge solutions and tailored treatments to individuals experiencing hair loss.


Gustavo Torres, Ph.D., Lead Geneticist at Fagron Genomics

As a Lead Geneticist at Fagron Genomics, Gustavo Torres, Ph.D. has a Pharmacy degree, during which he developed research in human adult stem cells and study models. During his graduate work he focused on TALENs and CRISPR as genome editing methods as well as lentivirus applications for creating genetically modified animals for medical research and protein production. Furthermore, he led the molecular biology team in the Brazilian Xenotransplantation project, developing innovative techniques for producing transplantable organs from swine.

About the event

Welcome to this webinar recording showcasing the transformative power of personalized medicine in treating alopecia through TrichoTestTM. This session is dedicated to real clinical cases and expert insights, aimed at revolutionizing your approach to patient care.

The webinar is hosted by Hannah Gaboardi and Gustavo Torres, Ph.D. They will discuss the performance and benefits of TrichoTestTM, our genetic solution that integrates genetic analysis and patient history to customize treatment recommendations for alopecia.

Throughout this recorded session, you will witness real clinical cases, gain valuable insights into the role of personalized medicine in the treatment of alopecia and discover practical strategies for implementing TrichoTestTM in your clinical practice.

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Now, let's explore how TrichoTestTM is reshaping the alopecia treatment landscape. Enjoy the session!