Unique genetic approach to test the immune system’s predisposition to overreact to fillers.

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About Fagron FillerTest

FillerTest informs if a patient has a high (positive) or low (negative) risk of a serious immune reaction to filler treatments.

What does FillerTest analyse?


Patient’s genetic predisposition

that makes their immune system reacts in an extreme manner to fillers. The fillers are then rejected by their body, which means can cause serious complications and lifelong discomfort.

FillerTest is highly recommended for patients that:

  1. Have immune diseases, lots of allergies, immune disorders or high general sensibility
  2. Have had complaints and/or complications with fillers and/or other implants
  3. Want to start with fillers, do not have specific immune issues but are careful and worried about possible consequences
  4. Already have fillers and no complications (for some years), but are careful and worried

FillerTest offers

FillerTest DNA collection sample kit

Buccal DNA collection kit with instructions, from how to do the test to how to get the results online.

Personalized report
through secure online platform

The results are downloaded directly from our secure online platform, accessible through your secure and private account.

Detailed patient genetic report


Immunogenetic report
Genetic predisposition to overreact to fillers.
Negative test result – LOW risk
Positive test result – HIGH risk

Privacy and Security

Interactive, Private and Secure Digital Health Platform for practitioners, where patient data is safe and where individual reports can be accessed from a secure personal area.

FillerTest results in 4 steps

Order Kit

1. Order kit

By email at or directly on our platform.

DNA Collection

2. DNA Collection

Through a simple and convenient mouth swab and register the patient on our digital platform.

Send sample

3. Send sample

To the Fagron Genomics Laboratory.


4. Results

Once the samples have been analyzed in the laboratory, the results will be available on our digital platform in 17 different languages, in PDF and interactive versions.

FillerTest downloads
Download a demo FillerTest report or the FillerTest brochure.